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Build and Launch Your Brand’s Web3 Community

Businesses around the world trust Metadyn infrastructure to deploy digital asset solutions that support customer acquisition and retention with innovative tokenized products and services.

Powering the next generation of Web3 Tokenized Economies

Metadyn is a cloud-based infrastructure provider for companies seeking to deploy tokenized experiences for their customers.
Deploy Tokenized
Rewards Programs
Packaged solution for rapidly deploying digital loyalty program leveraging digital tokens and NFTs

SmartRouter Technology

Smart Contract Integration Layer

We make launching customized tokenized products simple and scalable by providing orchestration and aggregation layer for integrating enterprise systems across smart contract libraries on the blockchain.

Our blockchain application infrastructure as-a-service is dedicated to extending the capabilities of your existing systems for the rapid deployment of customer-centric Web3 applications.

Dynamic Integration Flows


Configured for Your Program

Crypto Rewards

Integrated digital wallets, secondary trading and digital asset/NFT management


Align the incentives of marketing affiliates with direct attribution


Consumer mobile apps for managing brand offers, rewards and incentives

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Metadyn provides a one-stop shop for loyalty infrastructure deployments for brands and digital asset innovators.